About Us

Feel at home, away from home.

Angelica and Zilton Neves are a couple who, after having travelled extensively throughout the world, have decided to anchor themselves in Portugal.

Since June 2017, Angelica managed a small apartment near the beach in Parede, where they would welcome guests from all over the world. The experience was eye opening and very rewarding, as it opened the door to new opportunities with their hotelier experience.

At Paradise Suites we speak Portuguese, English, Spanish and a bit of Italian.


Elisabete Vinagre

Masseuse of physical rehabilitation and aesthetic, with over 20 years’ experience. Her journey has begun with an apprenticeship role at the local rugby team. Worked during three years at a physical rehabilitation clinic, and later as a masseuse at Spas like Hotel Penha Longa in Sintra, as well as the Hotel Mirage in Cascais. She has also taught and coordinated teams in aesthetic clinics and represented two brands of products for facial and body treatment in Portugal. In the last ten years, she started her solo project, in her own practice, as well as on clients’ domiciles. Elisabete has been partnering with Paradise Suites for 5 years now.

Dr. Ana Oliveira

As a Doctor’s daughter and a Nurse’s granddaughter, since her early years Ana felt that she would like to devote her life caring for others. Passionate for life, and every person’s history, for Nature, spirituality and the oriental culture, she started her studies with Psychology, area where during seven years she started her career, from the work in communities up to teaching. During this period, it has always made sense to learn more and complement her approach, joining knowledge and studies in the natural and integrational health like Aromatherapy, Psycho-aromatherapy, Reflexology, Chinese Medicine, Functional Nutrition, Energetic Diet therapy, Energetic Medicine, Supplements and phytotherapy, TuiNa Massage, Aromatouch Massage, Aesthetic Acupuncture, Distal Acupuncture (Tung and Balance Method), Paediatric Acupuncture, Shoni Shin, Craniate YNSA Acupuncture, Mukaino Method, Mubun Dashin, Digital Acupuncture, Psycho-neural Acupuncture, Biofeedback, Clinic Hypnosis and Dark Field Microscopy. Thankful for working with what she likes the most, for 13 years Ana has combined all these specialities to support and follow-up patients that search her for help in finding and living the best version of themselves.


Honorary Public Relations of Paradise Suites, Indy is a seasoned mixed-race Podengo and Caniche that was adopted by us in 2022. Indy is a loving dog, that does everything for some affection and completes it by offering his belly to be scratched. He is very curious, sniffs all that come close, when guests arrive home, but he seems to be one more of the great attractions of Paradise Suites. Indy is not allowed to enter the house with the guests. His meeting point is at the gardens. You are welcome to cuddle and play with him, but we kindly ask not to offer food. Indy is a glutton and he will accept all the food offered to him, but not everything falls well with this little fellow. We hope you have the opportunity to meet him.